1. Software details
  2. Basic archives insertion
  3. Bill of materials
  4. Customers orders
  5. Process orders and calculate materials
  6. Generate supplier orders
  7. Supplier Orders
  8. Load from supplier
  9. Manufacturing tickets
  10. Process start and component assignment
  11. Return tickets from process
  12. Process control
  13. Sell wizard
  14. Shipping notes
  15. Packing list
  16. Invoicing


To place order to suppliers is very easy and simple, all you have to do is run the “generate supplier orders” procedure, and select de desired parameters:

 Consign material : this is the delivery date that will be printed on the suppliers orders. Pressing the button “Update” the process start and the following combobox will be filled with all the materials needed. Selecting one by one all the items in the combo box, the grid will display the dates and quantities needed with a total at the bottom, by clicking confirmed (red if it has to be ordered green if already ordered) the components will be ready to be ordered. Pressing “confirm orders” all the components that we previously selected will generate automatic orders to their suppliers (see basic archive insertion point 4).

calculate materials and place orders