1. Software details
  2. Basic archives insertion
  3. Bill of materials
  4. Customers orders
  5. Process orders and calculate materials
  6. Generate supplier orders
  7. Supplier Orders
  8. Load from supplier
  9. Manufacturing tickets
  10. Process start and component assignment
  11. Return tickets from process
  12. Process control
  13. Sell wizard
  14. Shipping notes
  15. Packing list
  16. Invoicing


Selling wizard is used to produce packing list, shipping note, and box label quickly, the process is very simple, fill the requested fields and using barcode reader insert the production tickets one by one, once the list is filled select the box type for every row then press “Next”.

Sell wizard step 1

Step 2 is the packing list generation.

Sell wizard step 2

At this point a preview of packing list is available where if needed box can be changed.

Sell wizard step 3

The final step is confirmation for the selected forms.

Sell wizard 4